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Being customer-centric in 2021 is no longer a choice. But what are the nuances and tips that can differentiate you from the pack?

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Joining host Jacob Perring on the show was our very own Chief Customer Experience Officer Emma Dark (previously ASOS, The White Company & Soho House) and Mark Baxter (Tesco, P&G).

In 50-odd minutes they cover the latest trends they’ve seen the past few years, why your customer must have a seat at the boardroom table, common issues when driving customer focus at a senior level and how to measure it all.

Between Mark and Emma there is a boatload of customer experience across industry on a variety of levels, so no doubt you will come away from this with huge value. One not to be missed, so we hope you enjoy the show.

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1.12 – Intro

  • Mark Baxter, Marketing Director specialising in customer data and centricity.
  • Emma Dark, Chief Customer Experience Officer at S&S, previously ASOS, The White Company and Soho House.

2.25 – What trends are we seeing in the past few years as we focus on customers

  • Buffet – you can tell who’s been swimming naked when the tide goes out
  • Customers seek authentic brands that resonate with them
  • Engagement and experienced led product or service is vital
  • CX is the battleground and differentiator in a digital world
  • Customer needs to be a strategy across the whole business

7.52 – Customer data and knowing your customer

  • Two types. Data and being forensic, but also observing with your own eyes
  • This leads your business on the right path to creating something unique
  • FMCG and retail, lots of copycats. So you have to differentiate through customer
  • Knowing them behaviourally and personalise their experience
  • Need to dispel the myths by researching what they really want 🔥
  • Focus on the epicentres where you can extract insights 
  • Customer data isn’t a one-off exercise – it has to become ingrained everywhere 🔥

11.38 – Customer having a seat at the boardroom table

  • You have that independent conscience of the customer 🔥
  • Shine a light when it’s not the right decision for the customer 🔥
  • A single view of the customer across various organisational functions wins
  • Set out what the north star strategy actually means and how it resonates
  • How do they purchase? What is their journey?

17.06 – Measurements and metrics

  • What is the as-is business across all our touchpoints?
  • NPS is a strong way of measuring customer satisfaction
  • Along with competent scores of that customer journey
  • Having multiple measurements and looking at the whole story
  • E-commerce is a good way to track that journey and identify problems

22.22 – Customer engagement via social media

  • Brewdog – they aren’t just discussing their products, they’re telling a story
  • Content and community strategy anchored in values and purpose
  • Customer dialogue > advertising
  • The opportunity to show your company personality
  • Creating a space for user-generated content

28.54 – Common issues when driving customer focus as a senior level

  • Thinking you know the customer, but you don’t
  • Customer centricity not part of your organisation’s culture
  • They don’t understand their ‘why’
  • Metrics aren’t strong enough

34.53 – Speed, failing fast and learning quickly

  • Case study: Mercadona
  • Trust the customer and empowering employees to make quick calls
  • Act upon your insights and be proactive
  • Where is it practical to get a cohort of your customers involved?

40.14 – Purpose over profit

  • Customers are skeptical, you have to walk the walk
  • People now actually care about environmental impact of products
  • Organisations talking about their people creates authenticity and builds trust
  • Purpose has to become the new differentiator
  • Stand for something – or you’re in a no-mans land of mediocrity
  • Big banks disrupted by customer-centric fintechs.

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