Our Story+

It goes without saying that we are laser-focused on delivering results for our clients. But our mission goes much deeper – we also want to inspire and shape the future of work making it a better place for everyone, especially the next generation. In fact, the company is even named after our founder Pat Lynes’ kids for that very reason.

For us, the future of work is about accepting that the old ways of doing things just isn’t cutting it anymore. In a time where the business landscape is constantly shifting, we know there is a better way to de-risk change and tackle the most complex business challenges head-on.

As an award-winning change consultancy, we help companies navigate the tough waters of change. Our team of talented thinkers, innovators, relationship builders, delivery experts, consultants and entrepreneurs empower organisations and their leaders to succeed by equipping them with the products and services, delivery expertise and support that drive transformation and growth with real impact.

What we do
Change Society

The Change Society™

We pair the best minds with the most interesting challenges. We’ve created The Change Society™– an expert community of change practitioners with years of invaluable experience being client-side. Through this community, we can crowd around a business problem and co-create the right solution to see your organisation thrive.

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Our Values


Be transparent and honest

We care enough to tell people what they need to hear not what they want to hear. We’re quick to surface problems, worries or to ask for help.


Give more than you receive

We are generous with our time and resources. We believe in creating bright futures for ourselves and others.


Look after one another

Our customers and relationships are for life. We work to grow and protect the S&S tribe and are recognised for our unique contribution within it,


Follow through

We take personal responsibility for starting and finishing what we commit to. We value action over intent.

Meet the team+

We like to think we’re a friendly bunch. Please feel free to reach out and say hi.

The Team
S&S Team

Our Communities+

At Sullivan & Stanley, we recognise the value of a supportive and insightful community. Our communities exist to provide a forum for candid conversations that provide support, insight and inspiration to leaders as they navigate their unprecedented business context.

Women in Transformation

Despite vast opportunities, there’s still a significant lack of women leading organisational change and transformation efforts. And yet, evidence suggests women are actually more effective than men in 84% of core leadership competencies. That’s why we created our Women in Transformation Community.

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CEO Community

Research indicates that many CEOs are concerned about their company’s future, with a significant number believing that their current course is unsustainable. Our CEO community is a platform for CEOs to share their experiences and insights, and engage in debates that challenge conventional wisdom.

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Leaders in Transformation

Our Leaders in Transformation community is for action-oriented, innovative leaders who are committed to delivering real business value through transformative strategies. Members actively engage in sharing insights, collaborative learning, coaching, and inspiring one another to reach new levels of success.

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Tech, Information & Digital Executives (TIDE) is a CxO community leading the wave of change in today’s businesses. Through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, TIDE focuses on product, digital, and customer-led initiatives, equipping businesses to drive value at speed and ensure future success.

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Business for Good+

We’re not just in it for the money. We believe in giving back to society and believe that to be good, you need to do good. All it takes is a company with an idea and passion to make something good happen. By working with us, you’ll also be supporting our commitments to do good in society.

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We work alongside some fantastic organisations in our mission to empower organisations to drive transformation at pace and scale and create the future of work.

Our Awards

We’re really proud of the work we’ve done for our clients and of the culture we’ve created for our teams. Take a look at some of our achievements.

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