A New Energy: My Transformational Journey to Joining S&S

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Three years ago, the Energy business I was working for, like many companies, was aiming to evolve and adapt to a rapidly changing world. We sought positive changes to help empower our people and better serve our customers..

Journey to S&S

Leadership brought in the change consultancy Sullivan & Stanley who proposed the innovative “Glass Tube method” to rapidly transform operations and improve customer experience. I was selected to help build, test and prove this agile approach. Our cross-functional team delivered immense results in the first 90 days, significantly improving key customer satisfaction metrics. This led to expanding the model across the organisation.

After this successful engagement, I stepped into an internal coaching role helping establish three additional Glass Tube teams and assist with company-wide scaling. The approach ultimately won an international award for driving business transformation. I was impressed by S&S’s commitment to challenging the status quo and delivering for clients.

In May, I attended the S&S book launch for “The Future Business Formula,” co-authored by their Chief Change Officer Adrian Stalham. The principles resonated with me deeply. Pieces came together and when I had the chance to join S&S, I jumped at the opportunity – it was the only place I saw myself moving.

Leveraging my background for Customer/Client benefits 

In my first 90 days at S&S, I’ve been able to bring my client-side perspective from the energy industry to enrich conversations and focus solutions through a customer-centric lens. This transition into consulting carries great value in the dynamic world of advisory services.

Professionals like myself who join consulting firms from specific sectors bring an invaluable blend of real-world experience and industry-specific insights. My background equips me to offer more tailored, practical solutions that resonate with clients facing similar energy industry challenges. Moreover, my fresh perspectives can foster innovation for clients going forward.

Moving forward at S&S, I’m excited to deliver value by championing agility, innovation, and excellence – qualities that exemplify this firm. By leveraging my industry expertise and customer focus, I aim to further enrich S&S’s dynamic consulting capabilities. My journey here so far has been transformational on both a professional and personal level. Joining this accomplished team marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter.


If you are a leader in a complex organisation undergoing a major transition, please reach out. I would welcome the chance to have an exploratory discussion about your specific goals and challenges. Our transformational framework fuelled by real-world insights can drive enduring impact tailored to your culture and objectives.



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Harry Eatough
Written by Harry Eatough
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