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In the latest episode of The CxO Society Show, Matt Bradley chats with Tesco’s Head of Group Engineering – Central Europe, Fred Kuzel

Fed Kuzel is Tesco’s Head of Group Engineering for Central Europe and this podcast is chock full of value. They discuss Tesco’s history of innovation, how the pandemic has sped up changes in consumer behaviours, how to get product working with technology and finally how to put customer at the heart of development.


All of this to come, hope you enjoy the show either to watch or listen.

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1.46 Background

  • Head of Group Engineering for Central Europe – Buda and Krakow
  • Started in tech in Y2K

4.13 History of Tesco

  • Innovators – cashless stores/cashier-less stores
  • Implementing lean and learning organisations

7.48 Putting technology at the heart of your strategy

9.06 Adapting to the 2020 Pandemic

  • Mobilised incredibly quickly, spinning up multiple distribution centres in 4 weeks
  • Doubled deliveries

11.48 Accelerated Consumer Behaviour – deliveries

  • The cost of fulfilment 
  • Optimisation of that journey
  • Drones

13.26 Biggest competitors in 5 years time

  • Online retailers (Amazon Fresh)
  • Industry doesn’t move that quickly
  • Focusing on our own innovation

16.55 Will Tesco have brand loyalty with the next generation?

  • Comparison to fashion industry
  • Focus on user experience
  • Experiential stores 

20.56 People, community and environment

  • Decreasing food waste
  • Working to become carbon neutral

22.42 Putting customer at the heart of product development

  • Start with why
  • Who are the target audiences
  • Metrics related to human experience and business

25.48 How to get product working with technology

  • Startup called Decision.tech did this very well
  • Make mistakes and innovate
  • Internal open-source

29.53 Leadership

  • Strong engineering leadership in Tesco
  • Biggest inspiration: Eliyahu Goldratt

33.44 AI writing code

  • Replacing traditional software engineers

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