The COO’s Guide to AI: Trust and blame – Learnings from the Post Office / Horizon scandal

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In this second instalment of Sullivan & Stanley’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy series tailored for the C-suite, we delve into the intricate world of AI planning and implementation from the perspective of a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Meet Priya Gupta, the fictional COO of our imaginary business, HorizonWear, an established outdoor clothing retailer navigating the complex terrain of AI integration. This orange paper looks to draw vital lessons from the infamous Post Office software scandal, offering a roadmap for businesses to implement AI responsibly and effectively.

(Please note, this fictional business has no relationship to the Horizon software, honestly!)

What you will learn

  • An overview of what transpired in the Post Office scandal, the fallout, and its relevance to AI deployment.
  • Insight into the strategic, operational, and ethical considerations a COO must navigate in the AI landscape.
  • The importance of aligning AI initiatives with corporate strategy and establishing strong governance frameworks.
  • How AI can optimise operations and the critical role of upskilling and talent acquisition.
  • The need for agility, resilience, and a culture that learns from setbacks.
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Sullivan & Stanley