Breaking the Barriers: Empowering Women in Leadership

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As women continue to make significant strides in leadership roles across various industries, the importance of fostering their growth and development cannot be overstated. Recognising this need, Sullivan & Stanley – The Change Society organised a transformative virtual series focusing on empowering women in leadership. Moderated by Christine Edge, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in driving change and coaching, the four sessions delved into key issues faced by women in leadership positions. This blog aims to highlight the invaluable insights I gained from these empowering sessions.


Empowering women in leadership

Firstly, the series kicked off by addressing the challenges that women encounter in leadership roles, ranging from sexism to navigating ego dynamics in the workplace. Through breakout group discussions, participants openly shared their views and experiences, realising that they were not alone in facing these hurdles. It created an atmosphere of support and fostered a sense of friendship, and started to unpack how women can empower themselves, and overcome self-limiting thoughts and behaviours.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome, a pervasive feeling of inadequacy despite evident success, was a prominent topic of discussion. Christine provided personas and scenarios, linking into confidence, and helping participants identify their triggers, and how their responses either served them well, or hindered their progress. By learning about each other’s experiences and sharing valuable insights, we discovered new ways to overcome Imposter Syndrome and boost self-confidence.


Controlling your performance saboteurs

The third session delved into the concept of “performance saboteurs,” which are internal barriers that impede personal and professional growth. Difficult conversations and the inner critic were explored in depth, enabling participants to understand their ego states and default responses. We explored how to be assertive while respecting others’ views and keeping an open mind, to navigate challenging situations with confidence.


Embracing lasting change

In the final session, Christine shared seven tips for making behavioural changes stick. This invaluable roadmap for personal growth empowered participants to take charge of their development journeys. They gained a better understanding of their inner critic and learned how to silence those nagging voices in their heads. Armed with newfound techniques and strategies, I left the series feeling re-energised, focused on our personal change journeys and ready to unlock our full potential as leaders.


Sullivan & Stanley’s Women in Leadership series, expertly moderated by Christine Edge, undeniably proved to be a transformative experience for female leaders seeking to overcome challenges and achieve greater success in their lives and careers. By openly discussing pertinent topics, such as Imposter Syndrome, performance saboteurs, and effective behavioural change, the group gained insights, support, and practical tools to enhance their confidence, impact, and self-belief. The series served as a reminder that the journey toward leadership excellence is not solitary, but shared amongst a community of women who can support each other, through collective experiences and shared wisdom.


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Lindsey Bladen
Written by Lindsey Bladen
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