Learn how your business can:+

  • Truly put your customers at the heart of what you do
  • Build a high-performing team and culture
  • Attract, and more importantly, host the best talent in the world
  • Create an adaptive Operating Model
  • Measure what matters
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About the authors:+

Adrian Stalham is Chief Change Officer at Sullivan & Stanley – an award-winning change consultancy – and has spent many years nurturing change and transformation across many industries.

Mark Gallagher is Managing Director of Performance Insights, providing companies with the opportunity to learn from the fast-paced business environment of Formula 1™️ motor racing.

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Book Launch: 25th May | 6pm+

Adrian Stalham and Mark Gallagher, co-authors of The Future Business Formula will share their insights and expertise on how to drive value and ensure future success in the face of uncertainty. By drawing on the principles of Formula 1™️ racing, they provide a unique perspective on how to transform your business, put customers first, and build a high-performing team and culture.

Join us to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for navigating the complexities of the modern business world. Register now to secure your spot and be part of a dynamic and informative discussion that is sure to bring value to you and your organisation.

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