Redefining Leadership: Unveiling Barriers & Building a Supportive Community

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In today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape, women face unique challenges and obstacles as they strive to excel in leadership roles. Recognising the need to support women in overcoming these barriers, Sullivan & Stanley – The Change Society, recently hosted a virtual series focused on women in leadership and building a supportive community. Under the guidance of experienced moderator Christine Edge, a group of like-minded women had the opportunity to explore various topics crucial to their growth and success. This blog highlights my key takeaways from the series and the valuable impact it had on its participants, particularly me.


Discovering the challenges

Firstly, the virtual series shed light on the challenges faced by women in leadership positions. It raised awareness about the underlying biases and societal expectations that can hinder women’s progress. Through engaging discussions, I gained a deeper understanding of the barriers that exist as well as the importance of overcoming them. I’m not 100% certain I was aware of the impact of these impediments.  The sessions helped me gain awareness of the environment women operate in and the mechanisms we put in place to address them, subconsciously.  This new-found knowledge allowed me to reflect on my own experiences and identify areas where I could take proactive steps towards growth.


Self-reflection and personal growth

Another valuable aspect of the virtual series was its emphasis on self-reflection. We were encouraged to introspect and examine our own behaviours, reactions, and beliefs. This self-awareness proved instrumental in understanding my own strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By delving into the reasons behind my reactions to certain situations, I gained valuable insights into how I could enhance my effectiveness as a leader, employee, spouse, mother, and friend. Overall, the series empowered me to prioritise my personal growth and embrace the journey towards becoming a stronger and more confident woman.


A supportive community

In addition, the virtual series brought together a diverse group of women who shared similar struggles and aspirations. Connecting with like-minded individuals who were at similar stages in their careers proved to be an eye opening experience. It was refreshing to realise that I was not alone in facing the challenges that come with being a woman in leadership. The support within the community was invaluable. By exchanging ideas, offering encouragement, and learning from one another’s experiences, we created a nurturing space where personal and professional growth could flourish.


Sullivan & Stanley: A beacon of support

The generosity displayed by Sullivan & Stanley in organising this series cannot be understated. In an time when many organisations are cutting back on employee development initiatives, it was reassuring to witness their commitment to empowering women outside of their own organisation. By providing a platform for women to enhance their leadership skills and overcome obstacles, Sullivan & Stanley demonstrated a genuine investment in fostering gender diversity and equality in the workplace. Their kindness and professionalism created an environment that fostered growth, learning, and empowerment.


Participating in the women in leadership series was undoubtedly an enriching experience. Through open dialogue, self-reflection, and the support of an incredible community, I gained a deeper understanding of the challenges women face in the workplace and beyond. This series provided me with the tools and insights necessary to strengthen my leadership abilities, boost my confidence, and make a positive impact in both my personal and professional life. I am grateful to Christine Edge and Sullivan & Stanley for their dedication to empowering women and for creating a space where we could come together to learn, grow, and support one another. Let us continue to champion the advancement of women in leadership and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all.


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Written by Sarah Carroll
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