Accelerating business transformation+

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, clients face unprecedented challenges. Digital transformations often fail to deliver intended benefits, yet the investment in them is set to exceed $9 trillion (IDC). Leaders with critical capabilities are in short supply, and legacy structures, cultures, and technology are no longer fit for purpose. In fact, 40% of global CEOs fear their organisation won’t be viable in a decade.

At S&S, we understand the frustration businesses feel. They want to transform quickly and with greater success. They want their people to feel inspired and come along on the journey with them, but they don’t know where to start or have the expertise to make it happen. That’s where we come in. We help you navigate the challenges of modern business and achieve real-world results quickly through our range of consulting, product, and digital services.

Change & Transformation Consulting

From change management and data capability and coaching, to driving individual change initiatives and embedding new ways of working into your organisation, our team helps you embrace business transformation and digital technologies for continued success.

Customer Centricity

We enhance customer service through adaptive models, strategic execution, and operational excellence.

Empowering People

We build leadership and team capabilities to foster an empowered and agile organisational culture.

Exploiting Technology

We help you adopt cutting-edge technologies through data-driven and AI-enhanced strategies for innovation.

Modern Implementation

We employ agile methodologies and change management for efficient product and project management.

Enhance your capability & capacity

We provide you with change, product and digital delivery expertise – exactly when you need it.

Transformation Teams

Enterprise teams transforming your organisation. Our teams lead and orchestrate…

Teams as a Service

Highly skilled teams you can trust to deliver critical change…

CxO Advisory & Experts on Demand

Specialist experts helping you land change brilliantly. Our experts focus…

How we work

Driving organisational excellence and sustainable results

At Sullivan & Stanley, we use a world-class immersion and delivery method to achieve results that drive a higher performance across your entire organisation.

We start by getting to know you and your business and determining your readiness for change and successful delivery. Then, we work with you to co-create a unique solution tailored to your needs. We deploy expert teams to work with you on delivering value fast, in 90-day cycles, while focusing on coaching, up-skilling, and transferring capability and knowledge across your teams. Throughout our engagement, we regularly touch base to check in and make sure things are on track, pivoting where we have to, and sharing stories of success.

We want to leave you more capable than we found you and will never out-stay our welcome. When we’ve helped you achieve success (and hopefully a few awards too if you’re keen!), we’ll host an Exit Party to celebrate our work together. But you’ll always be a part of our community and are welcome to join our regular thought leadership and networking events.

Immersive discovery


Solution design


Team formation


Knowledge transfer


Sustainable exit


Our promise to you

Change is never easy. But we promise to make it as painless as possible. The way we work with you is intentionally simple and lightweight to ensure you and our team of experts have the freedom to find the right solution to your problems. We deliver value fast. We will get to the root of your problem within 2 weeks and enable you to deliver real success within 90-day value cycles. We get our satisfaction from your sustained success – we’re proud to leave you more capable than we found you, never locking you in to a perpetual cycle of need.

We find the steel thread

We always look for an exemplar piece of work that acts as the foundation for your transformation.

We co-create

We don’t do change to you, we deliver it with you. And we don’t passively take a set of requirements but partner with you to understand your problem and deliver a sustainable outcome.

Partners for life

We believe in long-term partnerships, not projects for life, meaning we will never out-stay our welcome. We execute, embed capabilities and then exit so you’re not locked in or forever dependent.

Emergent approach

Rather than relying on rigid predefined plans that are difficult to implement, we flip the table and use an emergent approach - learning through experience and continuously evolving and adjusting strategies based on real-time feedback.

The power of community+

The Change Society™ is a revolution in the world of consulting, offering a unique and innovative solution for businesses looking for top talent to deliver meaningful change.

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How we start delivering value to you today

Let’s talk! We can begin our partnership today to:

  • Visualise and explore your organisation’s critical challenges
  • Co-create viable and practical solutions
  • Expose opportunities to produce winning outcomes fast

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