The Future is Now: Key Takeaways from The Disrupted Executive

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The world of work is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Old models centred around 9-5 office jobs with a single employer for life are fading fast. As automation and AI take over certain jobs, employees are craving more flexibility, variety, and purpose in their working lives. Companies are decentralising and moving away from bureaucratic hierarchies.

In his insightful new book The Disrupted Executive: How to move from a permanent executive to a portfolio way of working, Pat Lynes makes a compelling case that now is the time for executives and senior knowledge workers to take control of their careers. You can design a working life on your own terms to thrive in the future of work.

Here are some of the key takeaways from The Disrupted Executive:


Be Proactive About Your Future

Don’t wait for your industry or company to be disrupted and leave you behind. The wise choice is to make a change before change is forced upon you abruptly. Technology is automating jobs rapidly, corporate loyalty is disappearing, and the “job for life” mentality no longer applies. Continuously invest in your skills and network.


Adopt a “Portfolio Career”

A portfolio career means having multiple income streams from different jobs, clients and projects. This provides variety and flexibility so you control your destiny. You can work on what inspires you. Beware being pigeonholed into one narrow specialty or stuck in a rigid corporate schedule that doesn’t fulfil you.


Focus on Becoming a Leading Expert

Identify your niche based on your unique experiences and knowledge. Invest time in building your personal brand as an expert in this niche through content creation and community building. Generously share your insider perspectives and watch your influence grow.


Constantly Expand Your Network

Connections often lead directly to exciting opportunities. Treat your network as an asset and invest in expanding it continuously. A strong network also provides a safety net as you take risks and make transitions. Nurture win-win relationships.


Strive For a “Balanced Whole” Life

Design a life around your preferences, integrating work, family, passions, location, lifestyle. Avoid strict compartments. Pursue variety. Say no to chasing money and status symbols that sacrifice your health and relationships.


Contribute Value to Your Community

Build a business around a purpose bigger than profits. Reciprocity and giving back matter greatly, so be sure to contribute value to your network and community. Portfolio careers allow you to incorporate volunteering and mentorship.


Become Your Own CEO

Take charge of your growth and decisions. Surround yourself with a “personal board of advisors” who guide you and ruthlessly invest time and money in yourself. Never stop learning. Keep health and wellness a priority.


Switch Your Mindset First

All lasting change starts with a firm decision in your mindset first. Envision your ideal future. Then make a detailed plan and take it step-by-step. Expect discomfort during the transition. Small actions compound over time.


The Disrupted Executive provides practical tips and a roadmap for executives to take control of their careers. To build a working life they love, one where they dictate the terms and hours. One that fits their values and priorities.

The future of work is already here. Will you proactively adapt to it and thrive? Or resist change and risk becoming obsolete? Take these key lessons from Pat’s book and start designing your ideal lifestyle today.


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