Nothing is more important than culture

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Corporate culture isn’t defined in the boardroom. It is the culmination of the company’s vision, values and working environment – as seen through the eyes of the employees. 

When a company’s culture is good, the benefits are clear to see. Employees are happy and more productive (which impacts the company’s revenue, profitability, and customer success), and they are less likely to leave. In contrast, when the culture is bad, it leads to toxic behaviours being tolerated and ‘quiet quitting’, which have a ripple effect across the business. 

By the end of their fifth year half of small businesses fail

The biggest talent priority that organisations face is how to scale and maintain culture. Less than a third (30%) of leaders are confident that their desired culture accurately reflects the ‘true’ culture. 

At S&S, we use ‘Great Place to Work®’ as a formal way to answer the critical business question: are we protecting the great things in our culture as we grow?

The ‘Great Place to Work’ accreditation is awarded to the top 100 organisations based on the combined results of a colleague survey and culture audit. Most importantly, it is independent and confidential so employees are free to express their true feelings. For this reason, we chose to invest in the initiative and get a true reflection of our culture – good AND bad. It enables us to obtain a benchmark to support our business as it scales so we retain control over what’s important.   

S&S has been re-accredited as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in the small business category. 

It’s always nice to hear the softer points about what makes S&S a great place to work – like celebrating events, making new team members feel welcome, and the team camaraderie -we call these things soft but often they are the hardest things to achieve.  As well as proof that the business lives its values everyday. But what I found most rewarding this year is the progess we are making around inclusion.

Great Place to Work

S&S is a purpose-driven organisation where we strive to make businesses fit for the 21st century. When I joined S&S to help shape the people metrics, one of the priorities was to baseline diversity, because we know diverse teams are better placed to deliver great outcomes. We want to ensure everyone in the business feels welcomed, involved, has a voice and makes a unique contribution. 

When we received our re-accreditation as a Great Place to Work we heard how people have a real sense of meaning and understand the important part they play in our business. And that they feel they are treated fairly – regardless of race, sexual orientation, or position.

We have an incredibly diverse culture and we recognise / celebrate this every month which I love!

Change is constant

While it’s important to protect our culture, it’s equally important to enhance it and adapt it to the changing needs of our business as we scale.

The Great Place to Work process revealed a growth focus for us is internal communication. With new appointments including our new Head of Marketing, my intention is to work with them to address the feedback we received and make improvements.

Different on purpose

S&S is a high-growth consultancy that looks to employ the best talent and reward  accordingly. We’re different on purpose and have captured exactly what that means to us in this