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Part 2 of the latest episode of The Business Maverick Show is out now! Join Adrian Stalham in this riveting continuation as Ravi Sibal delves deeper into the automotive industry’s evolution.

Highlights include:

🔶 Disruption and optimism: Exploring the uncertain yet optimistic future of automotive tech and market strategies.

🔶 OEMs’ strategic transformation: The need for Original Equipment Manufacturers to adapt skills and operations in the face of evolving vehicle designs and market demands.

🔶 Charging and fuel challenges: A candid discussion on the limitations of current EV charging infrastructure and the potential role of alternative fuels.

🔶 Dealership dynamics: The shift from traditional dealership models to a more direct and data-driven customer engagement.

🔶 AI’s impact on Automotive: From design optimisation to customer interactions, AI’s potential to revolutionise the industry.

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Written by Adrian Stalham
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