Disruption doesn’t discriminate with Marshall Motors Group CEO Daksh Gupta

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Amidst a crippling pandemic for many industries, Marshall Motors managed to have a very strong financial year. While the market went up 8.4%, Marshall eclipsed it with 19.5%.

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We are lucky enough to have their CEO Daksh Gupta along with our own Strategy and Transformation Advisor Chris Hafner on the show to discuss some of the traits of leadership that helped them to achieve that.

But more impressively, despite those profit figures, the executive team at Marshall decided not to take their management bonuses, as they considered the hardship that many people had endured throughout the past year.

Actions speak louder than words for leaders in today’s day and age and that’s what we unpacked today along with the upcoming opportunities in the automotive industry, what a modern leader looks like and what are some of Marshall Motors’ secrets to success.

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  • Chris Hafner Strategy and Transformation Advisor for S&S
  • Daksh Gupta – CEO for Marshall Motors Holding PLC
  • 134 businesses representing 22 brand partners – Audi/ Volkswagen/JLR/Volvo etc
  • Been CEO since 2008 – in year 14
  • Chris – worked in venture capital, spun up and sold two tech businesses
  • Defining vision, purpose, strategy and transformation road map


Marshall Motors trading update numbers – 36.13

  • Despite pandemic, made £21M of PBT (ahead of forecast)
  • Market was up 8.4%, Marshall was up 19.5%
  • Because of that, we repaid all the furlough payments claimed in 2020
  • Paid back retail grants – lots of media attention because of this
  • However we decided not to take management bonuses


What are the softer traits and trends driving success in various industries? – 6.30

  • Businesses doing the right thing with a strong moral compass
  • Consumers will move towards brands that act this way
  • Leaders who set outcomes for teams to achieve – but not enforcing the ‘how’. 


Modern Leadership – 13.46

  • The good will and positivity that comes from ‘giving back’
  • Marshall – 11 years in a row ranked as a Great Place to Work and UK Best Workplaces
  • Apply good customer outcomes, you achieve shareholder value. It’s not rocket science
  • Have to be transparent – monthly management conference with everything on the table
  • Lead from the front and blaze the trail
  • Authenticity is something you can’t manufacture – consumers will know
  • You can only lead if you have followers and you can’t force them to follow you


What are customers’ expectations in 2021? – 16.43

  • Automotive industry – low margin game, so it’s about service and technology, but more importantly – is this company a business for good?
  • Are organisations doing the right thing from an environmental perspective?

What are the upcoming opportunities in the automotive industry? 🔥 20.38

  • Lots of change going on around electric vehicles and emissions targets
  • Manufacturers need to review distribution 
  • Digitalisation has a huge role to play
  • How to improve the customer experience when buying a car 

Disruption doesn’t discriminate – 25.59

  • It used to be pretty straight forward to figure out who your competitors were
  • Broaden your thinking, start thinking about ecosystems
  • Have a portfolio of options you can execute based on various futures, gives businesses the ability to pivot
  • Go back to basics creates tremendous opportunities

Secrets to Marshall success – 30.07

  • Grew from £300m revenue to £3bn in 14 years, IPO’d in 2014 
  • Having a stable management team
  • Make long term decisions for the good of the business for the long term
  • Do you live your values? Integrity is a key one, hence not taking the management bonus



Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarshallMotorGp
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daksh-gupta-b9779110/
Website: https://www.marshall.co.uk/



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