From London to Manchester: The Launch of The Women in Transformation Community UK North

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, women have been making remarkable strides in leadership roles across industries. However, in a world where progress towards gender equality is still ongoing, Sullivan & Stanley have recognised the importance of nurturing this progress with the launch of their Women in Transformation community in London earlier this year. After five successful events in London, it was clear that the community needed to expand to provide women from across the UK with a platform to share their challenges, best practices, and experiences as women in leadership.

This expansion was a natural progression, ensuring that women from diverse backgrounds and regions could come together to create and support. I recently had the privilege of facilitating the first Women in Transformation event in the North. The event, was held in Manchester and led by Sullivan & Stanley’s Delivery Director, Codie James. It provided a safe space for successful women to engage in open and insightful discussions on crucial topics that women in leadership often face.

The Common Challenge of Imposter Syndrome

One of the central topics of conversation that stood out during the event was imposter syndrome. This phenomenon effects professionals regardless of gender and is characterised by feelings of inadequacy regardless of accomplishments and qualifications. It is a hurdle that many women in leadership positions struggle with, and despite the evident achievements and success’s of the women in the room that morning, somewhere along their journey they had doubted their abilities.

The Women in Transformation community offers a valuable platform for women to share these experiences. Through open dialogue, participants can recognise that they are not alone in their struggles, fostering a sense of solidarity and support.

Embracing the Journey of Squiggly Career Paths

Another key point of discussion was the concept of “squiggly career paths”. Discussions surrounded the reality of the journeys we take through our careers and the traditional notion of a linear, upward career trajectory isn’t always the reality. Modern careers are anything but predictable. They can take more dynamic, unexpected paths. Which was the case for a lot of the participants that morning.

Generations Differences

The journey to success for women in leadership roles has undoubtedly evolved over the years and is influenced by generational differences and changing mindsets. During the event, participants explored how the journey to success for graduates today might differ to how they perceived success when they were in that position. They recognised that success is no longer solely defined by climbing the corporate ladder but can take various forms, including entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and personal growth.

However, regardless of these differences, the path to success for women in leadership will continue to evolve but will always be driven by the determination of generations to come.


The Women in Transformation community is a beacon of empowerment for women in leadership positions. Through open and honest conversations, women can tackle issues such as imposter syndrome, embrace the uniqueness of their career paths, and adapt to the evolving definitions of success. These discussions not only provide valuable insights but also foster a sense of belonging and support. As we move forward, communities like Women in Transformation will continue to play a vital role in advancing women’s leadership and breaking down the barriers that persist in the business landscape. By coming together, sharing experiences, and uplifting one another, women can transform their leadership journeys and inspire positive change for generations to come.


If you’re a female business leader working within change, or simply looking to change your playing field, reach out to [email protected] today.

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Mairéad Philbin
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