Waking up the Board

Orange Papers
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Executive Board (ExCo), Senior Leadership Team (SLT) or Management Board (MB). The company ‘Boards’ are known by many titles, but they all have the same responsibility – running and managing an organisation.

The Board is conditioned to predict, reflect and respond to the needs of stakeholders usually in the form of revenue, growth and returns. However, as they focus on short-term gains, more often than not, it results in a lack of two-way communication between the Board and the rest of the business.

Wanting to address this issue and understand how key influencers can ‘wake up the board’ and get them to listen, our Chief Strategic Coach, Adrian Stalham and CxO Advisory, Ken Towning, held an event at S&S HQ and appealed to the power of The Change Society to create our first-ever crowd-sourced ‘orange-paper’.


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