Seven mistakes when delivering change

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We’re living in a ‘new world’ where disruption is at every turn. Change and continuous improvement needs to be at the heart of an organisation – navigating this ever-evolving world is often a daunting and challenging task.

According to a Global CEO study by IBM, the need to lead change is ever-growing, but the ability to successfully manage it is decreasing. Businesses are unprepared for the level of impact created by change, meaning in more cases than not, the programmes fail to deliver the intended benefits.

Through my own experience, together with the S&S Partners and thought-leaders delivering some of the business world’s biggest transformations, I have uncovered the seven mistakes often made by organisations when implementing change.

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It’s clear we’re living in a highly volatile, complex and disruptive environment. New technologies, changing climates and unforeseen emergencies such as the recent coronavirus pandemic are challenging organisations of all sizes.

Despite change being higher on the agenda than ever before, 84% of transformations fail (Forbes).

Unsure where to begin or how successful your change programme could be? At Sullivan & Stanley, we provide the expert teams and unique assets required to help businesses cut through the uncertainty of change.

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Jacqueline Shakespeare
Written by Jacqueline Shakespeare
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