The Secrets of the 16% pt. I

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Every year, 84% of transformations fail, costing UK businesses over £130BN.

And they fail for numerous reasons, such as lack of clarity over what change was needed and why, underestimating the scale of the project, not having the skills to execute, or people simply not being ready for change.

It’s a shocking trend and, as change agents, it’s our responsibility to flip the script and help more organisations realise success.

One year ago, nobody could have imagined the immense changes we were facing. And yet as we look ahead to the next 12-months, we need to visualise what our world will look like, and determine how we must change to ensure future success. While that path may look challenging now, when approached in the right way it’s not impossible.


This report was forged during an event we hosted in November 2020, where three expert panellists took a close look at three major components of change readiness. Value, Customer and Delivery were all put under the microscope and what has emerged are real-world solutions to tackling the change problem.

Participants were then taken through a live change readiness assessment to determine how well their respective organisations are set up for change.

Thanks to Neha Datt, Darren Linden, Jason Tunstall, Adrian Stalham and Jaqueline Shakespeare for your expert input.



If you’re ready to be the change agent that makes a difference, sign up for our ChangeReady6 assessment. Within seven days we will confirm your likelihood of success. 21 days later, you’ll have a plan for any remediation actions to ensure you’re ChangeReady and in the best possible position to successfully embrace change.

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