The Future Business Movement with Adrian Wakefield

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Sullivan & Stanley is proud to bring you the Future Business Movement, hosted by its founder and CEO, Pat Lynes.

By uncovering stories of disruption and innovation from business leaders, mavericks and entrepreneurs who live and breathe the world of change, The Future Business Movement podcast shares cutting edge insights and smart cuts for the future of work and business for this decade.

In the latest episode, Pat chats with Technology Leader Adrian Wakefield on his journey from permanent work to portfolio work, which led him to become an accidental interim.

About Adrian

With 30 years of experience designing and delivering technology-enabled transformation programmes in global organisations, Adrian helps bridge the gap between IT and the rest of the business.

His working life began in ‘real’ engineering, before moving on to Operations Management and then IT Leadership. Executive life culminated as the CIO / Board Director of a highly respected and successful global engineering organisation.

More recently, Adrian has established Transforming IT, an interim consulting and advisory business focused on IT strategy, operating model, organisational design and effectiveness.

Outside work Adrian enjoys running, cycling, spending time in Northern Spain and has a passion for soul music.

In The Future Business Movement, Adrian and Pat discuss…

  • Adrian’s journey to becoming an accidental interim
  • The importance of understanding your personal value as an expert
  • How to utilise your network while in a role
  • The challenges faced when becoming an interim
  • The power of community and great community leaders
  • How to invest in your personal brand
  • Why the word perm should no longer exist
  • Ways of working and how operating models are changing in the current crisis
  • Tips and advice on the practical do’s and don’ts

Key takeaways

We are sitting on a mountain of value, which majority of the time we don’t realise we have. So, it’s important to take a step back to truly understand just how much value we’re sitting on. If you struggle to do this self-reflection yourself, then reach out to your network to get their advice.

When you begin your journey into the interim world – you need to network, network, network. There are only certain ways you can generate an income and that’s through people you know about, people you’re referred to, or direct advertising and marketing. The winning combo – pursuing all three.

You get back what you put in – keep your communities and connections close!

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