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The Business Maverick Show returns.

In Part 1, our special guest, Ravi Sibal, joins our Chief Change Officer, Adrian Stalham to dive into the dynamic evolution of the automotive industry:

🔶 Disruption in Automotive: The seismic shift towards battery electric vehicles and its ripple effects on regulations, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), dealerships and customers

🔶 Tesla’s impact: Exploring Tesla’s revolutionary business model and its influence on the industry

🔶 The future of EVs: Debating the strengths and challenges in the electric vehicle market

🔶 Innovative technologies: The potential of hydrogen fuel cells and e-fuels in shaping the future automotive landscape.

🔶 Industry transformation: Predictions on the evolving skill sets required in automotive organisations due to the shift towards modular vehicle design, and reshaping the customer experience and the very nature of car ownership.

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Written by Adrian Stalham
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