Sullivan & Stanley team up with Performance Insights to supercharge performance for businesses

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Sullivan & Stanley – the award-winning change consultancy in the UK and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) – is proud to partner with Performance Insights, a specialist agency established by former Formula 1™️ team executive Mark Gallagher to help businesses learn key lessons in accelerating business performance and leadership.

With businesses operating in environments more dynamic and unpredictable than ever before, a large proportion of digital transformations fail to deliver their intended benefits. At the same time, annual investment in digital transformation is expected to exceed $7 trillion by 2023 (Worldwide Digital Transformation Strategies).

Today, Sullivan & Stanley (S&S) and Performance Insights announce a partnership that provides business leaders with the critical capabilities and attributes needed to lead organisations and deliver transformation with greater success.

The partnership will enable both company’s clients to benefit from their unique approach to organisational design, change and innovation culture that explores the parallels between the world’s leading high technology sport and high-performing businesses helping leaders drive value at speed and ensure future success.

One of the first joint projects between S&S and Performance Insights is the launch of a new book in May this year – The Future Business Formula: How to change faster and accelerate business success – co-authored by Adrian Stalham, Chief Change Officer at Sullivan & Stanley, and Mark Gallagher, Managing Director of Performance Insights. The book is a fundamental guide on the future of business, bringing together the experience of leaders from the pinnacle of world motor racing and business consulting, to deliver 12 principles critical for any organisation to thrive in a complex and fast-changing world.

Further projects include immersion experiences through direct engagements with drivers, team leaders and senior engineers including within the team environment.

Pat Lynes, Sullivan & Stanley’s founder and CEO said:

“Sullivan & Stanley is committed to helping clients become future-proof and successfully bridge the gap between their investments in business change and getting real value at pace. I am so excited about the partnership with Performance Insights. Mark brings a wealth of experience on how embracing digital transformation has enabled powerful outcomes in the world of Formula 1™️ racing and we’re excited to be able to use this real-world context to truly demonstrate the power of change in business.”

Mark Gallagher, Managing Director of Performance Insights said:

“It has been a pleasure to speak at Sullivan & Stanley’s leadership events, bringing insights gained working in this high-performance, high-technology sport to companies and executives in a range of business sectors. In partnering with Sullivan & Stanley, I am excited to broaden the opportunity for the talent we work with at Performance Insights to help businesses unlock the potential of both their teams and technology to drive competitive advantage, innovation and increased customer value.”

About Performance Insights

Performance Insights provides compelling, tailored insights into the world of Formula 1™️ motor racing through its portfolio of experts, enabling businesses to glean key lessons on topics including high performance leadership, teamwork, innovation and transformation. Performance Insights’ talent portfolio provides keynote presentations at conferences and seminars to a global agency and client base.

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