Creating Clarity in Crisis as Leaders

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We’re excited to announce the launch of The Future Business Movement hosted by our founder and CEO, Pat Lynes.

By uncovering stories of disruption and innovation from business leaders, mavericks and entrepreneurs who live and breathe the world of change, The Future Business Movement shares cutting edge insights and smart cuts for the future of work and business for this decade.

To kick things off, we invited former Brigade Commander and change expert Rufus McNeil onto the show.

About Rufus 

Rufus’ spent 21 years in the Army including tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as working for the Defence Secretary in the Ministry of Defence and as a Brigade Commander.

Since leaving the Army, Rufus has used his extensive knowledge to deliver transformation and customer strategy for businesses including Babcock, DHL and most recently as Transformation Director for DHL Supply Chain in the UK.

Now an interim change expert, Rufus works for a variety of companies including HMRC and Aston University. Embracing the portfolio style of working, he also is on the executive leadership team of a tech start-up working in the education sector.

In The Future Business Movement, Rufus and Pat discuss…

  • Home truths for businesses including the importance of the right type of leadership
  • How to accelerate the Future of Work
  • The challenges of remote working for leaders
  • A current review of the business landscape and how certain businesses are coping
  • Creating clarity on purpose, message and responsibility
  • What to expect in this new working environment including structure and support
  • Servant leadership and the true power of people
  • Debunking the myth that people hate change and how to implement extreme change

Key takeaways

At its heart, leadership is about presence and tone. Establishing that precedence and giving confidence by actions and words, then set a tone for the business that everybody follows – this is our culture, this is our ethos – this holds the power.

We’re in a similar ‘extreme change’ situation to the military where we cannot control what is going on, instead, we’re responding to what is thrown at us. So, businesses need to recognise they have a team of people, whose jobs have been turned upside down, meaning there is a huge level of uncertainty. It is down to leaders to bring back that clarity and lay down a path of ‘this is what we need to do’ which would, in turn, mean creating a new purpose.

We have been reminded of what is important to us, so we’ve been given a golden opportunity to reinforce the value of people within an organisation. For whatever model comes out of the back of this, we need to re-emphasise how to get the most out of our people and give them an inspiring place to work.

It’s time to start gathering evidence. There is this rich tapestry of proof that your business needs to be different and that people in the business need to matter more, the operating model needs to change. Gather this as we all know the best evidence to persuade a board is to show them what’s wrong. Show them where things are failing. Then start talking about change – having that discussion with your teams, so people are already getting in their mind’s eye that we’re going to institute a new model.


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Written by Pat Lynes
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