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Following on from our Chief Transformation Officer, Darren Linden’s interview in which he discusses the five core principles to an Adaptive Operating Model, we wanted to give an insight into our principles here at Sullivan & Stanley. 

We’ve built seven core consulting principles that guide the way we work and the values expected from our practitioners – The Change Society. It is an ethos that binds all of us together. 

We value expertise so our principles are intentionally lightweight to ensure our practitioners have the freedom to find the right solution to the challenges our clients face, whilst also leveraging our unique IP and assets. 

These principles are the first thing that our new joiners learn about, they define our approach to business and delivery challenges, and they reinforce the skills we have as expert associates.

We find the Steel Thread 

Think of it like firing a tracer bullet through a problem, finding a use case we can deliver quickly that stands up the foundations, infrastructure and main capabilities of the change you are trying to make. This becomes an exemplar piece of work that is the foundation of your transformation and can be rapidly iterated around. 


We don’t passively take a set of requirements, instead, we understand the problem and build the solution with you, pairing our expertise with yours to leave you with a sustainable outcome. 


Having a clear vision for your business and a set of outcomes remains important, but it’s unrealistic to expect to define a plan and it still be viable a year or two into the future. Your destination can be defined but the path that you take to get there must be flexible; embrace uncertainty and develop the capacity to be able to deal with it. Therefore we deliver value at a minimum of every 90 days.

Client-side solutions

We’re practitioners with many years of client-side experience, having walked in the shoes of our clients day to day. As a result, we produce real-world solutions born out of our scars as well as our successes. 

Open source consulting

Our IP and assets are constantly evolving as we crowd-source from our elite community of client-side practitioners, and make these many of these unique points of view available even before our clients commit to an engagement. 

No lock-in 

Our engagements are low risk and high value for our clients because we don’t commit them to long-term contractual agreements where benefits are deferred. Our focus is on 90-day outcomes which allows you to pivot easily and quickly and provides the flexibility to shake hands and part ways at the end of 90-days if our clients are comfortable with continuing the work themselves.  If, however, clients want to continue, we re-engage and carry on seamlessly with a relentless focus on delivering value. 

Exit plan 

Upskilling and growing the capability of our clients’ teams through doing rather than training is a key benefit of working with an S&S expert team. We often pair our team members with yours, so they learn whilst doing the work together – delivering value as well as growing their knowledge and skills. We determine what good looks with our clients at the very start of an engagement and set out our exit plan against that benchmark. 

Unsure how to successfully lead your organisation through the current climate? 

We provide the expert teams and unique assets required to help you cut through the uncertainty of change and co-create unique solutions to help you embrace change as a constant. See how it works here.

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