Introducing S&S’s new COO and CTO

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We recently celebrated our third birthday which was a major milestone, as it marked the moment that we moved from being a ‘start-up’ and transitioned into a ‘scale-up’. In the last 12 months, we have relocated to our new premises by Borough Market, developed a co-creation space for our clients, expanded our network and continued to deliver valuable work that makes an impact. It is definitely an exciting time to be at S&S!

Along the way, we’ve strived to stay true to our vision of creating a globally connected highly-skilled interim workforce to solve the most complex problems within the business world. With the significant expansion we have seen over the last three years, it was the perfect time for us to bolster our leadership team to drive this vision forward.

We pride ourselves on being transformation experts, so we were keen to not only bring in people with extensive experience within this space but who would fit synonymously into our community and would align with our values and goals.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that Kevin Corne will be joining the S&S team as Chief Operating Officer and Darren Linden will be our new Chief Transformation Officer. They’ve decided to hang up their corporate hats to join and achieve their own ambitions of helping transform and change the future of business.

Both Kevin and Darren have first-hand corporate experience of the highs and lows of transformation. They will be using this experience and invaluable knowledge to drive S&S forward and make us the biggest challenger to the outdated routes to successful change.

We put Kevin and Darren ‘In the hot seat’ for a quick Q&A, to find out a bit more about them, their backgrounds and what they will personally be bringing to the S&S team. Click on the links above to read their stories.

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