Interface Magazine interview with Pat Lynes

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In an exclusive interview with Interface Magazine, our Founder and CEO Pat Lynes explores how the concept of transformation has redefined the workforce economy.

Interface Magazine is a dedicated online platform for CIO’s, CTO’s and CDO’s, providing a definitive guide to Digital Disruption & Technology Transformation, as well as the wider role technology plays in cultural and mindset changes within today’s businesses.

Within the interview, Pat discusses:

  • His background and career prior to founding Sullivan & Stanley
  • How Sullivan & Stanley came into fruition
  • The power of digital transformation
  • Why coaching needs to be embraced by the business world
  • The importance of continuous improvement and continuous reinvention

Key quotes

“Now, the companies that are winning are designing everything around the customer”

“Transformation is synonymous with trying to transform a legacy laden organisation”

“What I find with transformations these days is that a lot of them are trying to fix the past before they can even get to the future”

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Written by
Sullivan & Stanley