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Matt Bradley has been with S&S for the last four years, working closely with our Founder and CEO Pat Lynes to build the business to where it is today.

We’re excited to announce Matt’s new role as Head of Product and Engineering. Matt will be leading the growth capability in this area of the business, working closely with our current and future clients.

We sat down with Matt for a virtual coffee to find out a bit more about him and his new role…

What does this mean for you and the business? 

It’s amazing to think I’ll have been with the organisation for four years in August! What a journey it’s been. From humble beginnings in the kitchen of Roupell Street to now being an award-winning consulting disrupter, working with a host of top brands.

I’m really excited about this next stage with S&S. We are well-known for our experience in reinventing tired Business Transformation practices and we will continue to help organisations, teams and individuals cut through the uncertainty of change and provide the skills, people and assets required to rethink, reorganise and reinvent their organisations.

My new role is about leading the demand for the execution side of our transformation business. We are doing some really interesting work in this space, helping organisations improve their customer centricity, build new digital propositions and have a super-charged software engineering capability available as a service.

What is your focus over the next 90 days?

It’s obviously been a challenging time for everyone and the real focus at the moment is helping organisations innovate at speed and improve patterns of delivery for efficiency during these uncertain times. We want to help our clients drive greater collaboration, automation, iteration and improve their time to value for their customers.

What trends do you see in the market at the moment?

I am seeing a lot of organisations push forward and accelerate their digital agenda. Disruption in traditional markets has made many companies start to think differently; Covid-19 has made many more start to act. Organisations that still have the relationships and customers now need to find new and better ways to better serve them. Expectations for products and services are shaped by the experiences customers have with the tech giants like Amazon, Netflix and Facebook. We’re helping organisations that have great knowledge of their own domain, think outside of the box to develop market-leading products, services and experiences to deliver a cutting edge competitive response in an increasingly disruptive world.

How do you see S&S progressing over the next year?

We’re excited to be taking the S&S proposition into more markets both domestically and internationally; while continuing to help our existing customers get ready for the future of work post-Covid-19. We want to embed ourselves as the go-to partner for organisations looking to develop a world-class change capability, at a time when change teams have become largely commoditised. We want to put the emphasis back on expertise and ensure organisations are change capable, with the ability to constantly adapt and reinvent.

Fundamentally we want to change business for good, so the next generation has the best opportunities available. As part of this, we’re designing a new model which will make us the blueprint of what an organisation should look like. We want the biggest brands to come in to see how we operate, so we can help them revolutionise the future of work.

Covid-19 has impacted every business across all sectors, how have you found working at S&S during this time?

Working at S&S has been great during this period. Everyone has been super supportive and come together to serve our clients in the best way possible. I’ve missed the social interactions with the team and going onto customer sites, as well as welcoming associates, clients and our community to the Jolly Orange for our events. But on the whole, we have made it work and even improved some processes by having a different lens on the work we’ve been delivering.

Now, let’s get to know you better – tell us a little bit about you outside of work.

Life’s busy. I’m about to become a Dad for the second time so hanging out and looking after my young family is my main staple outside of work. I like to keep fit, travel and fancy myself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen. I’m big on challenging myself to continually learn and be inspired through Podcasts and books; my favourite podcast is “How I Built This” and best reads of 2020 so far are Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willnik and Open by Andre Agassi. The latter was one of the best sporting autobiographies I’ve read, highly recommended.

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