Growing Pains of a Business with Steve Robinson

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In the latest episode of CxO 4.0 – a podcast for the fourth industrial era – Ken Towing chats with former CFO of Argos and CEO of Tesco Direct Steve Robinson on the growing pains of business.

There are a lot of challenges when starting a business, from sourcing funding, spending your time wisely, building that crucial early team around you, the power of data and of course planning an exit.

It’s all here from Ken and Steve who dive into their wealth of experience and knowledge on the growing pains of a business.



1.03: Career background

1.50: First Challenge: Funding. Finding someone who believes in your vision

4.03: Second Challenge: Find people around you with complementary skills and work ethic

4.38: Advice on finding those with high net worths for funding

6.56: Using Crowd Funding Platforms

8.33: When to recognise you can’t do everything yourself – building a team

11.30: Your early employees need to be broadly talented

13.30: Entrepreneurs have a million ideas – delivered and contained

15.16: Balancing your time as Founder and CEO across the business

17:10: Maintaining the element of ‘it’s going to be alright’.. .even if it maybe isn’t

19.05: What are the indicators you need to grow, scale or invest

22.16: The power (and difficulty) of using data

24.47: The data showing you where in the organisation a touchpoint is looking wobbly

25.43: How fast you need monitoring systems at the beginning

27.33: When is the usual time to consider investors (PE and VC)

30.19: Later rounds of investment changes the relationship with business owners

32.09: Investment starvation

36.10: Cashflow is king. What are the growing pains?

38.53: Where do you go for your third party advice?

41.20: Planning your exit

45.28: Parting thought- use data to be in control




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