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By CxO Advisory, Ken Towning

From the last decade and into the next we have already witnessed ambitious companies not settling for linear growth but exponential growth.

We’ve seen an unexpected pandemic cause business distress and falling values, exponentially. In response, more people working from home, more start-ups, larger businesses dying, the lifetime of a business becoming shorter, all exponentially.

World energy use not just rising but exponentially affecting the planet macro ecosystem putting exponential pressure on businesses to be more socially responsible.

Organisations are being disrupted by new business ventures more than ever, you guessed it, exponentially. Coupled with this is the need to exponentially grow British trade, outside of the EU.

Further exponential innovation is needed and is in fact, available, to address these using technology that is not just improving but exponentially getting more powerful and automated yet exponentially smaller.

We haven’t seen the full potential of the technologies mentioned in recent years like IoT, Blockchain, extended reality, AI, 5g, digital identity, nano and quantum technology. Just seeing this list makes you realise how much exponential change lies ahead in the foreseeable future, let alone beyond. And when these technologies are then combined the likes of Moore’s law (expecting the speed and capability of our computers to increase every couple of years, whilst paying less for them) goes out the window.

Linear appears to be a chart from history only.


To survive, all executives need to learn how to be the first to react to the unpredictable exponential nature of the evolving socially responsible, technologically advanced and yet fragile economic and business world.

So, it is never more true that the only constant is change. Except now, it is exponential change. It is why we believe that every business should embrace change as a constant and why we align with the World Economic Forum in Davos, which encourages continuous reinvention.

Above all, we have exponential opportunities too, to leave an exponentially positive legacy.

Industry 5.0 is just around the corner, where we achieve more with less and in a socially and environmentally friendly way.

It seems logical that only the power-of-the-crowd can work together, to achieve exponential outcomes. We believed in this so much we built a business around the concept – deploying experts from the crowd to work with companies to solve the challenges of exponential change.

Trying to solve challenges on your own with just your own team means you miss out on a different and unique perspective and experience. In a period when time is so critical, it’s more important than ever to broaden that knowledge.

Since our creation, we’ve been working with clients using the power-of-the-crowd and even on ourselves and our own business to develop at pace and to deal with all things, exponential.

Our ultimate goal is to change business for good, so the next generation has the best opportunities available. On the road to achieving this, we’re designing a new model which will make us the blueprint of what an organisation should look like, whilst still continuing to offer a full-service that delivers teams of experts and value every 90 days. Now, that is exponential!

If you’re interested in bringing exponential change to life for yourself and your business, click here to book in a chat.

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