City Matters – Five learnings from Covid-19 by Pat Lynes

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What are the five learnings we can take from Covid-19 to build something better and continue towards a happier, more fulfilling future of work?

In an exclusive feature on City Matters, our Founder and CEO Pat Lynes shares his top five thoughts which include:

Most executives do not want to go back to how it was – leaders have seen what can be achieved when a company is fully aligned with one crisp goal.

Ruthless prioritisation – businesses have shifted from focusing on the important many to the critical few to deliver quick business outcomes.

The fall of middle management and hierarchy – there is just no time for decisions to go up and down the ladder.

Rise of one team fully aligned organisation – the pandemic has given everyone a sense of purpose, pulling in the same direction to understand what success looks like.

Shift in empathy to do what is best – even with the extreme pressure, we’re seeing CEOs and businesses taking the human approach.

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