Building a Startup Culture in a Large Corporate with Mike Sturrock

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In this episode of CxO 4.0, host Ken Towning chats with CIO and former Maritime Captain Mike Sturrock on introducing a startup culture in a corporate. They cover the pitfalls when converting an in-house team to an incubator, the massive role of leadership throughout and how to distil goals into objectives whilst innovating.



1.10 – Yacht captain background
2.05 – how to create a startup culture – what are you trying to achieve?
4.00 – Converting an in-house team to an incubator
5.23 – How do you make the best team?
 7.14 – Where does the sponsorship come from?
8.35 – Project Owners to Product Owners
10.04 – What are the attributes of a great Product Owner?
 11.19 – How culture dictates reporting lines, or lack thereof
12.37  – How D&G have succeeded here -professionalism, leadership and relationships
14.07 – How to distil goals into objectives while innovating
17.05 – Patience with failures and people not developing
18.21 – Setting the non-negotiables and principles
20.33 – The advantage and disadvantage of a startup within a corporate
22.46 – Running more than one startup at a time
24.51 – Handling the jealousy of new fancy and well-funded project
27.05 – How long do you give it before you call it a day?
29.14 – The learnings you get, even if you don’t get the outcome
31.14 – Taking an innovative idea and turning it into something operational
32.48 – Startup technologies switching the wider corporate tech approach
34.48 – Freedom within a framework
37.09 – Focus on DevOps early
38.43 – Leadership whether its a big corporate or startup



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