How to make your Business Ready for Change

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The rate of change in organisations has never been more rapid or more constant than it is today. Disruption is ever-present, no industry or organisation is safe from its impact. Century-old businesses, with legacy and ‘old’ ways of operating at their core, are being constantly challenged by innovative and agile startups. It is therefore important to make your business ready for change.

Creating a Change Ready Business

In order to thrive, organisations of the future need to be nimble, adapt quickly, to experiment and learn. Change needs to be at the heart of everything they do.

But delivering change is hard. How often have we begun an initiative and it has proved much more challenging than we first anticipated? It is clear that change eats strategy for breakfast. IInstead, we need to build a strong foundation that allows change to happen.

Delivering change has become a daunting, challenging prospect. It’s not predictable, there is no playbook.

Preparing Your Business for Change

So how do you optimise your chance of success? You need to be ChangeReady. The stronger the foundations we put in place to support the change, the better placed we are to deliver it successfully.

Think about how we ready ourselves in times of personal change. When I completed the Three Peaks challenge a few years ago, walking up the highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland, it took considerable preparation. I spent months training to make sure I was fit, I arranged to meet friends along the way to give me motivation, I made sure I had all the kit I needed and arranged for a guide to take care of the logistics. When the day finally came, I knew I was ready and although it was a tough 24 hours, I successfully completed the challenge.

The Keys to ChangeReady Success in Business

We rarely have the luxury of being able to fully prepare before we embark on change in the workplace. However, irrespective of where you are in your ChangeReady business journey, it’s critical you focus on the foundations for the business to be change ready. Our years of experience in Sullivan & Stanley, delivering change and transformation across many different industries, consistently shows that the successful outcome of change initiatives is driven by how strongly it is set up against six individual ChangeReady components in business, the S&S ChangeReady6.

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1. Strategy

Clear alignment to corporate strategy with teams across the organisation understanding how the initiative will contribute to the success of the business is a critical first step to being ChangeReady.

2. Leadership

Great leaders inspire their teams.
They understand how to:

  • Genuinely lead through changes
  • Encourage continuous learning
  • Empower colleagues
  • Create accountability for changes

3. People

Engaged teams take ownership of change and nurture a cultural shift through the organisation, ultimately leading to a truly sustainable change.

4. Customer

When customers are at the heart of change it creates a strong relationship between them and the organisation, one based on trust and mutual respect. Change is co-created and ensures value is delivered for everyone from the business.

5. Delivery

Teams experiment and learn within a flexible governance framework. The focus is on supporting the fast and effective delivery of value.

6. Value

Organisations are set up to deliver sustainable benefits to customers regularly, at least every 90 days and more frequently if possible.

Businesses that focus on strengthening the ChangeReady6 components during change significantly increase their likelihood of a successful outcome.

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Jacqueline Shakespeare
Written by Jacqueline Shakespeare
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