Business Leader roundtable on Covid-19 impact with Pat Lynes

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Business Leader Magazine hosted a roundtable session with leaders across various sectors to discuss how the business world has been impacted by Covid-19.

Our Founder and CEO Pat Lynes was one of the 10 leaders to take part in this high-calibre panel. Pat discussed key topics, including the importance of strong leadership and how Covid-19 has sped up the future of work – check out some soundbites below:

“Many businesses are hibernating, cutting costs to the bone and retreating but I think the ones which will come out stronger from this will do the opposite – reset, reorganise and reinvent.”

“Covid-19 has sped up the future of work as it has ripped off the band-aid for the industrial world of work.”

“I believe that the leaders who put change at the heart of their agenda and capability will be the organisations that succeed.”

Read the full article here or pick up the latest copy of Business Leader Magazine.


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