3 steps to ensure customers is at the heart of your business

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Did you know that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable because loyal customers are 5x more likely to purchase again and 4x more likely to refer a friend?

We all know we should place the customer at the heart of the business, and yet just 12% of companies identify as being ‘mature’ when it comes to customer experience (CX).


In reality, it’s hard to keep the customer front and centre unless you’ve taken the time to embed this mindset within your culture – and continuously reinforce its importance. It can be hard to accept that your customers don’t follow what you believe to be a perfectly planned journey. It doesn’t always feel natural to constantly seek out processes that are ‘broken’. And it’s easy to be distracted by the ‘fire’ in front of you and overlook what you should be doing and why. 

But as one of the core components of the ChangeReady6, you cannot overlook how important the customer is to your success. The following three steps are based on our experience, and the insights shared from The Change Society, for how you can successfully embed a customer-centric culture into your business:

Step 1: Drive employee engagement and involvement

Your people have the biggest influence on CX because they interact with your customers every day. Even those who sit in non-customer facing roles have the ability to influence CX or hold ideas for how to improve it. It should be no surprise that organisations who excel at CX have 1.5x more engaged employees. And organisations with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%.

To engage your employees, involve them from day one. Give them focus so they understand the relevance and want to be a part of it. Also, recognise the rich insights they have into the voice of your customer. Every day, your customers tell them about their pain points, wants and needs. This insight is like gold dust, so use it to drive opportunities that enhance CX, and boost engagement because your employees feel heard.

Previously my colleague Adrian spoke about how a good leader during change creates a vivid vision, rather than a catchy-one liner. The same is true of your CX strategy. It needs to be simple so that people believe it’s achievable, but it needs to be a proper plan so people understand the individual role they have to play. 

Step 2: Deliver ongoing CX training

CX is now more important than product or price as a key brand differentiator. When you treat your customer to good CX, it influences them to make an on-the-spot purchase, and they’re willing to pay more. As a result, an investment in CX has the potential to double your revenue within 36-months.

Nearly 8 in 10 marketers focus their CX strategy to improve retention. And one of the best ways to really understand your customer is to challenge your people to put themselves in your customer’s shoes:

  • Invite them to regularly walk the customer journeys. 
  • Ask them to think about how they could have done things differently. 
  • Encourage them to think as a customer. 

When you coach people, their mindset changes from excuses to continuous improvement. And it doesn’t always have to be about ‘WOW!’ moments – never underestimate the importance of brilliant basics to deliver what matters most.

Step 3: Develop communication strategies

Only 4% of CX leaders say they can calculate the ROI of their CX decisions. The biggest challenge is that the strategy is unfocused, so people don’t know what to do to make a difference – or how to measure the outcomes to determine success. 8 in 10 employees wish their employer would keep them better informed

One of the best internal communication strategies is to develop a customer wall to live and breathe CX within your organisation. Socialise both quantitative and qualitative insights, write up customer feedback verbatim, share what does/doesn’t work, shine a spotlight on your employees’ success stories, and capture ideas to improve. Through the wall, you bring CX to life so it becomes tangible to everyone and visible across the business. People understand what they can do to drive great CX and feel empowered to make change happen.


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