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Imagine having an AI co-pilot that transforms your entire organisation into a lean, mean, mission-accomplishing machine. That’s

In today’s cut-throat market, you’re expected to deliver more with less. It’s a nightmare, right? But what if you could:
1. Align every team to your strategic goals instantly?
2. Assemble dream teams on demand, perfectly balanced for any challenge?
3. Predict and solve problems before they even happen?

That’s exactly what does.

We’re not just another HR tool. We’re the brain of your organisation, powered by cutting-edge AI and behavioural science.


We optimise your workforce in real-time, boosting productivity by orders of magnitude. No more guesswork, no more misaligned teams, no more wasted resources.

With, you’re not just keeping up with the future of work – you’re defining it. While your competitors are still figuring out how to do more with less, you’ll be light-years ahead, achieving the impossible with teams that are perfectly aligned, incredibly agile and super productive.

Don’t just survive in this new era. Dominate it with

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The Benefits of

  • Strategic alignment: Connects strategic objectives directly to actionable missions, ensuring company-wide goal alignment.
  • High-performing teams: Utilises behavioural science to build and maintain optimal team dynamics, driving superior performance.
  • On-demand expertise: Provides instant access to specialised skills and capabilities, enhancing agility and scalability.
  • AI-driven decision support: Leverages AI to predict outcomes and identify intervention points, enabling informed and proactive decision-making.
  • Outcome-focused performance metrics: Shifts focus from activities to outcomes, ensuring efforts are directly tied to business results.
  • Improved recruitment and retention: Enhances recruitment by profiling candidates for better team fit and minimises disruption during team changes.

How MissionHub Works

Step 1: Strategic alignment through mission-based working

  • Define objectives and missions: Clearly articulate your strategic goals and break them down into missions that drive growth.
  • AI-powered goal management: Utilise our AI Co-Pilot to continuously monitor progress, providing insights and recommendations for aligning missions with evolving strategies.
  • Focused team efforts: Ensure your teams are engaged in high-impact initiatives aligned with your strategic goals.

Step 2: Optimised team dynamics and talent augmentation

  • Profiling and matching: Using research from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) on collective intelligence, assess hard skills, cognitive profiles and social perceptiveness to assemble balanced, high-performing teams.
  • Behavioural insights: Employ advanced behavioural science techniques to predict team dynamics and success probabilities, setting teams up for optimal productivity.
  • On-demand talent access: Through its on-demand capability service, organisations can dynamically augment their existing teams with specialised talent, optimising for inclusive and diverse team dynamics.

Step 3: Predictive insights for proactive management

  • Real-time data and analytics: Collect and analyse real-time data for actionable insights on team performance, project progress and potential risks.
  • Predictive interventions: Use predictive analytics for timely interventions, mitigating risks and aligning efforts with dynamic business needs.
  • Future-proofing business models: Stay ahead of market trends and internal shifts with AI-powered predictive insights.

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