We believe in the power of expert connections and collaboration. +

The Change Society™ is Sullivan & Stanley’s community, co-created with over 1,000 senior change practitioners with years of client-side experience across a range of sectors.

Our vision is to create a globally connected expert workforce that helps businesses transform.

Reimagining consulting

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to community, connection and driving meaningful change. Our associate model is designed to provide our network with the best opportunities to truly make a difference and deliver first-class service throughout their interim journey. We pair our associates with the most interesting business challenges, striving to bring about positive change.

Together we help to reinvent struggling businesses into thriving enterprises, accelerate potential in high-growth companies, and challenge traditional management consulting principles by focusing on partnership and creating sustainable, long-term solutions.


Benefits for our community

Do you want to be truly valued in your job and not feel like just another resource in a crowded market? With The Change Society™, you can say goodbye to the feeling of isolation, frustration, and uncertainty, and join our empowered community of associates.

  • Be part of an expert network of over 1,000 senior change practitioners
  • Gain access to quality work and opportunities that align with your skills and interests
  • Be valued as an individual and have a sense of purpose in your work
  • Get the support to navigate compliance and regulation issues, so you can focus on what you do best
  • Be able to take manageable risks, try new things, and have a sense of agency in your career choices
  • Get the tools and support to transform your career and achieve your full potential
  • Flexibility to continue working as a direct contractor
  • Get the work-life balance you've always dreamed of
  • Join a community of like-minded individuals and take advantage of our thought leadership, training and events
  • Have the flexibility to continue working as a direct contractor if you wish

Benefits for our clients

The Change Society™ is a revolution in the world of consulting, offering a unique and innovative solution for businesses looking for top talent. Our associates have walked in your shoes and have the battle scars to prove it! By partnering with our network of experienced change practitioners, you can access a wealth of expertise, tailored to your specific needs.

  • We’ll partner you with experts who bring real-world experience and practical knowledge
  • You’ll have access to a global pool of senior interim change experts with a range of valuable skills and experiences to bring to the table
  • Receive diverse perspectives and approaches to solve business challenges that inspire your teams and help them to continually develop
  • Utilise our proven methodology with a focus on co-creation, resulting in long-term solutions
  • You’ll have flexibility in meeting changing project demands and skill needs with the ability to scale up and down as required
  • Execute projects with speed and agility
  • Lower the overhead costs for your business as associates are not full-time employees
  • Get cost-effective solutions with no hidden fees
  • You’ll get real-world results with tangible value, not just advice
  • Reduce risk by accessing a flexible pool of talent with delivery assured by S&S
  • Get peace of mind that, unlike traditional consultancies, our aim is to deliver value quickly, equip and empower your teams to continue to implement independently, and then exit.

Get Started

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