If you don’t innovate fast, disrupt your industry, disrupt yourself, you’ll be left behind.

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Two-thirds of businesses recognise they must digitise in order to stay competitive, but research tells us 70% of change fails.

During 2018, an estimated $1.3 trillion was poured into digital change in the US, equating to an estimated $910 billion of wasted investment.

Change is no longer a choice. Businesses need to change to survive. But how do you make sure your organisation is ready for a world of disruption and continuous improvement?

You optimise against the S&S ChangeReady 6 – strategy, leadership, people, customer, delivery and value.
The ChangeReady 6 takes the risk out of change.

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Are you ChangeReady?



A clear direction, well understood by the whole organisation, and a transparent steel thread through from the strategy to teams’ day to day work is a critical first step to being ChangeReady.


Great leaders inspire their teams. They genuinely understand how to lead through change, they encourage continuous learning, empower people and create accountability for the change.


Engaged teams take ownership of change and nurture a cultural shift through the organisation, ultimately leading to a truly sustainable change.


When customers are at the heart of change it creates a strong relationship between them and the organisation, one based on trust and mutual respect. Change is co-created and ensures value is delivered for everyone.


Teams experiment and learn within a flexible governance pattern. The focus is on supporting the fast and effective delivery of value.


Organisations are set up to deliver sustainable benefits to customers regularly, at least every 90 days, and more frequently if possible.



Answer a series of simple questions.

Receive your S&S ChangeReady score and report.​

Discover how strongly your business is set up against each of the ChangeReady 6 components.

Use the ‘five ways to score higher’ to strengthen your score.

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