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In October 2022 we launched The K2 Academy – Sullivan & Stanley’s bespoke learning and development programme. It is designed to unlock the full potential of our team and better position our business to scale-up.

The name ‘K2’ is derived from the concept of continual growth. The “K” represents “Kaizen,” a Japanese term that means continuous improvement, and the “2” represents the 2% of people who are estimated to operate at their full potential. The goal of the K2 Academy is to help each of our people break free of the 98% of people who don’t operate at their full potential.

The K2 Academy consists of 12 modules which include teaching content, interactive sessions, live coaching, Q&A, and follow-up quizzes to consolidate knowledge. The programme draws on the experience of world-renowned CEO coach, Eric Partaker, in scaling businesses, and a research-based approach as well as the results of a survey completed by all of S&S employees.

The survey asked what holds our team back from being their best selves from both a professional and personal perspective, and the results showed that five topics accounted for 92% of what is stopping them from reaching their full potential. The K2 Academy focuses on these topics to drive significant improvement and help our teams overcome those barriers and be the best they can be in both their work lives and their personal lives.

The feedback so far has been fantastic. This video captures how some of the team felt when we kicked off the programme…

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Ricky Wallace
Written by Ricky Wallace
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