Disruptive Change in Business

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Incremental change is more comfortable for organisations because it allows time to think and plan. But increasingly, they are encountering change that is radical and disruptive. This is becoming our new ‘normal’. So how do we thrive in the opportunities it brings?

S&S hosted a breakfast briefing with members of The Change Society to listen to their experiences and distill the insights into simple, practical actions that you can enact within your business today.

In this orange paper we discuss:

  • How to embrace ‘disruptive’ change.
  • How to become sensitive to change through listening and being open to
    changing your perspective.
  • How coaching develops the capabilities, which enable your organisation to
    cope with every kind of change it faces.
  • How agile helps us keep pace with change and acquire the ‘speedboat
    qualities’ of an SME to enable faster cycles.
  • How to use technology to your advantage and avoid technology innovation
    becoming the downfall of your business.


Written by
Sullivan & Stanley