“Morning Callum,

Ned Coten posted on an entrepreneur’s forum that you are coming over to London in September.

I’m currently looking for someone like you for an interesting project. And even if that doesn’t work for either of us then I’m happy to help connect you to some people who might have what you’re looking for. Perhaps we could arrange a Skype before you travel? Please send me an email or drop me a line.


Pat Lynes”

I received that email on the 17th August last year. At the time I was hiking 900km across Spain and was about halfway through. I was in a village called La Faba (here it is on Google Maps), sipping on a coffee, enjoying the peace and quiet of another morning on the trail.

A few months prior, I had left my job in my hometown of Melbourne where I worked in Digital Communications for Basketball Victoria. It was a great job with great people and leaving was one of those difficult decisions I had to make. The comfort and safety became unbearable and it was time to take a risk. So I packed my bag and moved to the UK without a shred of a plan.

The team Pat has crafted is incredibly dynamic and it’s clear from the get-go that we all get along incredibly well (see Italy ski trip). We’ve crafted an effective blend of pedal to the metal work with good measures of fun and liveliness. When your team is the size we are, you ride every high and every low together and that creates a cohesiveness that just can’t be replicated in large companies.

The heart of S&S is a willingness to find good people for good people. Honesty, fun, hard work and passion are the foundational pieces of what has been built from the ground up and it has filtered through to the rest of us here.

There’s no doubt I’m still learning the ins and outs of the industry, but I’m thoroughly enjoying documenting our story as we navigate these early days. Whether it’s been through filming our associate’s personal stories, following Pat around and grabbing sound bites, building our now live website or churning out content and graphics for our social channels, I can see that my work is extremely valuable in an industry that seemingly falls down when it comes to digital media and marketing. The reality is, the organisations that are doing it well are few and far between. The fact that I even have a role at S&S in its infancy speaks volumes to Pat’s foresight and ability to predict the direction of the market. Businesses now need to be a media company alongside their core business- that’s today’s reality- and something we have built at S&S. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ and the results are beginning to speak for themselves.

Pat has encouraged me to simply tell stories, something that I love doing through a variety of platforms. The power of narrative has held true throughout history and I have enjoyed telling ours because it’s a good one. When everyone believes in the product and the team is passionate about the vision, it makes my job very easy.

What we have achieved so far is borderline astonishing and it’s exciting to be known as a

market leader, even in these early days. No doubt in year 2 we will all share in the incoming ups and inevitable (but hopefully few) downs as we continue to grow. It’s always exciting to be working for a disruptive brand that is willing to push the boundaries, and that internal belief in what we are doing has been confirmed by the associates we are working with every day.

It’s clear that something special is going on here… I’m just stoked I checked my email.

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