Unfortunately, just when enterprises need to up their game, CIO’s and organisations grapple with the capability and speed gaps that are widening daily.

This is happening as organisations fail to recruit and retain the best people; fail to get agile and fail to align strategically. All of which further compounds the problems it creates and widens the gap.

Mind the Capability and Speed Gap

The speed gap, i.e. the gap between the pace at which an organisation CAN deliver, and the pace at which they NEED to deliver, is one part of this. And, as the rate of transformation picks up speed, so the capability and speed gaps continue to widen daily. It’s an ever-decreasing self-perpetuating loop where disruptive technologies, economic and social change and the consequences of poor planning and partner/process choices collide.

The solution is not just about becoming more agile, but rather developing a competency and culture across the business of being agile, having an agile mindset and having trusted partners to help you along this journey that can actually deliver and guide you. To create real transformation in the current environment requires particular skills, expertise and personalities that are in high demand, and short supply.

The new challenge then, for organisations, is to have the right business models and people practices in place which enable the conversion of networks and knowledge into value-added services and products that satisfy both its talent, clients and its customers.

The new enterprise needs to challenge paradigms around longer-term behaviours and actions that satisfies talent, clients and customers. That may seem like a big ask, but it’s essential as the new corporate currency centres around what value you are delivering to your encompassing network and of course the customer?

Additionally, organisations need to embrace the advance of technology at the roots of their organisational design. They need to embrace knowledge networks and create open innovative spaces that allow for intrapreneurship, and, more than ever before, they need to be open to change and not fear it.

Because transform, we must. The technology revolution is here to stay and all organisations are now technology organisations. Past practices are no longer fit for purpose and I see far too much frustration in the corporate world for this to sustain for much longer. It genuinely feels like we are at a tipping point. A complex environment requires different thinking and an emergent approach – My book The Interim Revolution embraces this and will challenge you to think outside of traditional models whilst introducing a new approach that will close these gaps.

The book will be released in November this year.