Second in Command podcast ft Kevin Corne

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As we navigate this uncertain time, many people are turning to books, TEDTalks, videos and apps to switch off from the outside noise of the world.

For the majority of the team at S&S, we spend a lot of our time listening to podcasts. It’s the main piece of content we share amongst ourselves, as it is easy to plug in on our daily walk, or whilst we’re cooking dinner or hoovering the house.

So, it was a privilege when lifelong entrepreneur and founder of the COO Alliance, Cameron Herold invited our COO, Kevin Corne on The Second in Command podcast.

In this widely-recognised podcast, Cameron interviews the “chief behind the chief” of top companies to learn the tips, systems, and insights of the chief who ensures the CEOs vision comes true; the COO.

Here are a few key highlights of what was discussed in Kevin’s interview:

  • How Kevin has built a strong relationship with our CEO, Pat Lynes, who has an entrepreneurial mindset and moves more fast-paced compared to Kevin
  • How our forward-thinking with a remote working environment has helped to improve communication and keep S&S moving forward
  • Identifying when to approach the CEO with disagreements and giving them the honour of their role among the rest of the team
  • What systems we have in place to grow our remote members
  • The necessary meetings and accountabilities which are conducted throughout the week
  • Identifying the right qualities in people you’re looking to hire

You can listen to the full episode here.

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Sullivan & Stanley