In the hot seat with…Nicole Wright, S&S’s new Teams Partner


What a year it has already been at S&S and we’re only half-way through! As we continue to accelerate our growth and work towards our mission of being a globally connected highly-skilled workforce of the best minds, solving the most complex business problems, we’re pleased to announce that Nicole Wright has joined the S&S family.

As our new Teams Partner, Nicole will be creating a new CxO community within the digital transformation landscape, working across ecommerce and financial services. Nicole will be leading our European expansion, but instead of us telling you every little detail, we’ve given the floor to Nicole for her introductory ‘In the hot seat’ interview. Over to you Nicole…

Why did you join S&S?

I reached a point of career fatigue with recruitment. It had become so difficult to add real meaningful value to clients, because of numerous barriers and outdated ways of working. Rules were starting to replace reason and because of this, I felt it was becoming increasingly difficult to add genuine and meaningful business value.

On the side, I had always admired S&S from a distance, keeping an eye on what the team was doing, watching videos, reading the content, because the whole proposition was exactly what I would have done if I had my own business. So, when I met Pat I really connected with him. We shared the same values and vision and he really inspired me. When I then met the rest of the team, it just felt special in the office and I knew I had to join the movement. It is this disruptive, challenging conventional thinking and the status quo, which I am really excited to be a part of.

What has your first week been like?

One word would be ‘awesome’ (said in Nicole’s thick Scottish accent). I feel like I’ve really stretched and pulled my brains muscles in ways that I haven’t in a really long time. It’s great to work in an environment where you are seen and respected as an expert, which has been a real shift change, coming out of the usual regime.

Another word that comes to mind is ‘open’. Everyone is happy to tell you about the clients, share how they do their job and what works well for them. The underlying message of every single thing we do is not just about us pushing an agenda, it is about genuinely adding value and creating this ecosystem to do business for good. To sit in a room with a bunch of people who are all passionately working towards the same goal, direction and vision – it’s just really inspiring.

What will you bring to the S&S team?

Europe! Landing, expanding and taking the S&S model to northern Europe. It’s such an amazing opportunity for the S&S team and I feel really lucky to be leading it.

In terms of personality, I’d say I’m an all-round “good egg” (the rest of the S&S team can already vouch for this). I’m hard-working, driven and resilient – someone who really wants to make things happen.

Do you have any grand plans?

To organically grow S&S into other European countries.

For me, my goal is to keep challenging myself to do new things. I’d like to take the S&S model to more offices across the world, to really prove our worth and capability.

Tell us about your background?

I worked in traditional recruitment for 14 years, however I always seemed to veer away from contingent recruitment into services. So, throughout my career I’ve been spinning out project teams and in the last couple of years, on statement of work models. I’ve generally worked with a small number of clients more intensely, taking the time to build valuable relationships.

I’ve worked in lots of different areas of technology across financial services, retail and ecommerce sectors from software to infrastructure and change, which has created a broad and deep experience across the whole life cycle of change in technology.

Tell us a bit about you outside of work?

I’m originally from a small, but close knit family in Glasgow, but I’ve lived in London for the last three years with my partner, Karen. I am extremely passionate about travelling – if I’m not on a holiday, I’m planning a holiday, which makes joining S&S even sweeter as I will be combining something I love with my new role.

I’m also really into cooking, the theatre, music and a round of golf!

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be and why?

Generous – whether that is with my time, if someone is in need, I’ll always help or with my understanding nature. I’ll also greet everyone I meet with open arms and a warm welcome.

If you’re interested in finding out more about S&S’s European expansion, please do get in touch with Nicole.

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Written by Sullivan & Stanley