In the hot seat with… Tessa Ledwith


What a year it has been at S&S! We’ve seen tremendous growth and even bagged a few trophies.

As we continue to grow, we’re also expanding our team. This is why we’re excited to announce that Tessa Ledwith has joined as Events Manager.

We sat down with Tess to find out more about her role and what she gets up to in her spare time…

Why did you join S&S?

I previously worked with Darren Linden, the Chief Transformation Officer at S&S and kept in touch with him over the last year.

I’d also regularly see all the amazing content that the team were pushing out, such as videos, reports, etc and it seemed like something really exciting was happening.

So when I caught up with Darren over a coffee and he explained in more detail the S&S journey and vision, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. And, the rest is history!

What have your first few weeks been like?

Great, everyone’s been so welcoming. There’s a brilliant vibe in head office. It’s busy and the business is growing fast, so it’s really exciting to come in and help contribute towards the future. I love organisations at this part of their journey – where they are out of the startup mode and moving into scale-up. So, I’m delighted to join now, it feels like a perfect time.

What will you bring to the S&S team?

I plan to build out our events capability, creating highly targeted and exclusive events for our existing and ever-growing community. I want to create an environment where our associates and clients can come together to network, as well as learn, so they can keep on top of industry trends and successfully move their organisations to become a future business.

Do you have any grand plans?

Taking the S&S events to the next level. I’m also going to be working closely with the team to help maintain the best community out there as we continue to scale our global business. We want all our associates to have the best experience, keeping the culture and community vibes which have helped us grow to this point.

Tell us about your background

I’ve worked with sales and marketing teams for 7+ years. In my last role, I focussed on internal and external marketing and worked on all kinds of events – everything from small community meet-ups to big global conferences.

I’ve also worked with associate communities for some time now and I’m really looking forward to helping S&S continue to grow the best associate network out there!

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be and why?

Energetic. I think fast, work fast and even talk fast.

Tell us a bit about you outside of work

I’m very social and a big foodie. I love cooking, hosting and entertaining friends. I’m an event planner through and through – even in my social life.

I also love yoga. As I’m a very busy person, it’s an hour that my mind shuts down, so it’s important for me to take this time to slow down.

What is your best business hack?

Taking some time away from what you’re doing to get creative and think about the bigger picture. It’s easy to get really busy doing great work, but looking at what you’re doing as a whole is important. It also helps to reduce burnout and make sure that what you’re working on is fresh and exciting.



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Written by Sullivan & Stanley