‘Humanising Customer Experience in a world of Tech’

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Join Emma Dark, S&S Chief Customer Experience Officer in her debut episode of the Customer Experience Podcast where she has a chat with Chief Customer Officer and Author Sharon Boyd.

As new technology emerges that in a lot of ways makes life much easier for customer teams the world over through automation and process, there is a real danger that we lose the all-important human element.

Sharon and Emma unpack how to keep your customer soul intact, using customer demo’s or sandboxes to put yourself in their shoes and create a seamless experience between the machine and the human.

Every aspect of this debate is covered so if you love tech and you know that the customer should be at the heart of everything your business does – we reckon you’ll love this.


Digitals role in Customer Experience – 4.22

  • Tech speeds it all up and is great
  • Need to keep a firm on the fact we are human
  • Customers always asking if I’m human (not a bot)
  • You must give them both options

Key things to consider to maintain human character – 7.22

  • Authenticity and empathy
  • Character and culture – all wording in our comms/system are consistent
  • Take opportunities for customers to connect to your human side
  • Empathy is vital for building strong customer relationships

How do you check in with your customer? – 11.37

  • Eat your own dog food
  • Include your employees internally
  • Spend time on the ground, in the tills, walking the shop floor
  • Demo – create a sandbox and get customers to try it out

How do these customer demo’s for new products work? – 15.43

  • Example at MKL – building versions of these sandboxes
  • More powerful than looking at a static website and going through sales pitch
  • We just put it on social media for customers to try and it doesn’t cost anything

Creating a seamless journey and experience between machine and human – 20.01

  • Need to be really intentional
  • Follow where they are dropping out and join up the gap
  • Encourage your staff to focus on CX rather than rely on tech

How do we use data in the Customer Experience? – 23.35

  • Gemba walk – watch and observe
  • Review CSAT at various parts of their journey
  • Use the richness of the ‘in the moment’
  • Employee feedback as a whole picture 🔥

Challenges Companies Face with Human Customer Experiences – 27.28

  • Moving too fast with a new piece of technology
  • Don’t forget the change curve
  • Take the humans on the journey
  • Help them understand the ‘why’

Key Capabilities and Resources that need to be in place for success – 31.09

  • Sponsorship from the senior leaders
  • Bring your back office alongside your front of house for a day

Do organisations have those skills in house or need external expertise? – 34.05

  • Companies often outsource tech teams where there can be disconnect
  • Physically show them the coalface of how the customer will see it

How to create advocacy and loyalty in a digital word? – 36.36

  • Respect, interaction and communication
  • Connect back and treat them as a real human being/ actual relationship
  • Send them useful content, not just marketing and comms. Free gifts
  • Data and Tech Prompting the need for Human Touch

Prediction for technology and human in the future – 43.59

  • We will keep moving forward with digital transformation and automation, but we will realise we went too fast



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Website: https://mklinnovation.com/


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