I make no apologies for the dramatic title, it’s true.

When it comes to mobilising knowledge workers for advisory, strategy, delivery and transformation capability, the current routes are frustrating the life out of the market and the individual decision maker. The current recruitment process puts organisations under immense interview burden and consulting methods still doesn’t leave a lasting capability to deal with the imminent degree of disruption heading your way.

Surely finding talent and building a capability can’t be this hard, can it? (It isn’t).

To frame this, the common market view is that the knowledge worker recruitment industry is a dark art, a lottery and a numbers game that constantly frustrates with poorly vetted candidates and CV sifting being the order of the day. It feels the whole industry is in a massive race to the bottom whilst intently competing for low-margin, high volume business or just low margin spot business.

Why should you pay for or accept CV sifting and no vetting?

The trusted partnering that used to be pervasive many years ago in an industry I love has been substituted by cutting out the middleman, developing low margin Preferred Supplier Lists or worse still, outsourcing your talent outcome to a recruitment process outsourcer as you will see in many FTSE 500’s today.

The resultant outcome is frustration. There is too much interview burden, too many poorly vetted candidates and loss of business advantage. On top of this, you are now also competing against your newer faster agile competitors who are putting people, knowledge, slick/quick processes and talent at the heart of their agenda.

Who in this landscape is going to succeed? I know who I would back!

Cost over value is a completely false economy when many organisations are on the precipice of a huge transformation, just to stay in the game. Low cost, low-value routes to capability for knowledge workers just isn’t worth it.

But why such an emphasis on it in today’s FTSE 500 world?

You then look at the other routes to capability such as management consulting firms. You only have to attend an executive networking session to get the common view and hear the collective sigh to see that fatigue around this model is prevalent for the high cost, low-value side of the equation.

The frustration of paying the commercial price for being told the high cost of time, having graduates learning on your budget, loss of IP, strategy hijacking and not being left a valid capability is surely reaching a tipping point?

Or worse still, paying ten times the price for expensive body shopping because your recruitment methods are failing and you’re responsible.

I believe that now is the time to focus on putting talent at the heart of your agenda and building a people/talent strategy that properly fuels your organisation, builds a capability and fully prepares it for the road ahead.

*Part 2 coming soon