Now for part 2.

As the infamous Simon Sinek once said, “don’t complain, contribute”.

With the spirit of this quote in mind and my daily fuel, I decided to not get frustrated with the decisions some organisations take to cut cost over rapid access to talent. I decided not to get frustrated and have a whinge with senior executives and candidates around the current state of affairs, and I decided to not sit comfortably and to contribute. To challenge the status quo and to get out there and find a team of like-minded individuals to create a movement for change and make the pivot from senior interim recruiter to company transformer.

As a result, I recently set up a challenger brand called Sullivan & Stanley – The Change Society with a core purpose of shaking up tired and out of touch resourcing and management consulting models.

In Feb 2016, I set out with a vision to create a fast, fluid model to give my clients the capability accelerator they need to thrive in a turbulent but opportunistic world. I decided to get out there and bring a high value, fair cost model to give our clients the access to know how, advisory and the on-demand capability to deliver transformations and solve problems.

The result is a crowd movement of interims and fractional executives called “The Change Society”.

A client recently asked me where do we sit in the recruitment or consulting camp? My answer was neither:

“We are not executive recruiters, advisors, management consultants or a research group – we are an interim movement who are absolutely solution focused in helping executives and organisations deliver their objectives and solve today’s increasing capability and speed gap issues”.

It’s always been about great people for me, and the difference that a team of great people can make to an organisation. That is why S&S exists.

It’s about time you got a partner who cares, one who delivers and one that can guide you on your change journey.

The future world demands that you have a change capability.