Meet the S&S Squad: Tom Goodyear

By S&S 31/8/2018


Tom joined S&S in late April 2018 as a Teams Partner. Previously he spent eight years at leading global IT recruiter Harvey Nash, with a focus on the Financial Services industry.

Prior to Harvey Nash, Tom worked as a Portfolio Manager in Dubai for two years, advising clients on the sell and acquisition of commercial and residential property.

Tom follows on the toes of two fellow Harvey Nash alumni: S&S’s very own CEO, Pat Lynes, who built the Harvey Nash telecoms division from scratch back in 2003, and Rob Del-Maschio, who joined S&S one year ago after over 10 years at Harvey Nash.

Tom, what’s your story and how did you arrive at S&S?

“There had been a bit of noise in the market that Pat (Lynes) had moved on from La Fosse Associates and started up S&S. He reached out to me not too long after he started the company in early 2016, but it wasn’t the right time personally for me to leave Nash, as I had built a desk and ran my own P&L within the Finance & Banking division.

But, like good networkers do, we stayed in touch - and fast track to April 30th, I joined S&S as a Teams Partner.

Leaving a long-term employer to join a startup was a big decision. The Harvey Nash Finance and Banking department was a startup when I first joined, so I knew the environment. Making that move again at a time when I’m looking to buy a house/start a family meant that the opportunity had to be right.

It’s all about personality and team fit for both Pat and myself, so naturally we met a number of times over an extended period. I also had a good catch up Rob Del-Maschio - who gave me a feel for S&S and vouched for it as a place to work - followed by an interview with Transformation Partner Adrian Stalham plus the obligatory ‘beer test’ in Soho with the team. Confident and happy, I made the move.”

What does your role look like day-to-day?

“As a Teams Partner at S&S, I’m responsible for building my own division within Financial Services. A big part to play in achieving this is to build my own community of associates and clients. S&S is a community-first business, and as a Teams Partner, we are the link between our associate network and our clients.

My role is to partner with clients, understand what they’re looking for, and help co-create and deliver on-demand, top 5% change agents that are bespoke to their particular programme of work. How do we achieve this? Well, we often hold discovery sessions with our clients and Transformation Partners, come up with a solution, and then go out and speak with our Associate network to see who may fit the bill.

We act as the “Casting Director” similar to the Hollywood model. Bringing that to the business world is essentially what my role is.”

What is your specific focus and client base?

“It’s a quite a sweep. My North Star is to break the back of the Financial Services market, which is where my background lies: to get good traction across the likes of insurance, Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks, retail banking, hedge, clearing and asset management.  

We have delivered some fantastic strategic change teams on-demand already within the FS sector, and will be using these case studies as a platform to partner with more organisations going forward.

I will be delivering interim consulting and change teams through our Teams as a Service (Taas) model, as well as project solutions into Financial Services.

In terms of my community, it is C-suite/CxO as well as Heads of IT Business and Change Execs.”

What is your favourite thing about working at S&S?

“I would have to say the people. It’s a good culture -  we’re all in it together and we’re here for each other, rather than being driven to do better than the person next to you. We’re a young family and that’s the way we’re treating this business. We’re here as a collective and that is the big driver for me.

We’re experienced professionals and having that experience is great because we are sharing great ideas, with the ability to adapt and evolve faster within a competitive market.”

What are your key goals and aspirations, both professional and personal, at S&S?

“My ultimate goal is to be a Partner for S&S. It will take time but when I hit my straps, I will achieve this.

My personal aspirations…….well, I’m a family man so providing for them is very important. My parents both worked very hard to give my brother and I the best opportunities in life, so I will be doing the same.”

What do you think is the key driver of the success of S&S?

“Not spreading ourselves too thin in terms of our offering to the market and not diluting our proposition. We see ourselves as a board and executive level “client side” consultancy firm that helps deliver cross-sector IT & Business Change.”

What is your favourite moment so far?

“Work-wise, definitely the Future of Business event. The speakers we had (such as Fin Goulding, international CIO of Aviva) showed we are a real player in the market and that we’re here to make a difference.

Fun/work-wise, the S&S Golf Day was another highlight for me.”

What’s in store for you ahead?

“I have an exclusive Insurance & Financial Services dinner, most likely to be in mid-October. It will have 10-15 C-suite Execs discussing hot topics in the market with a few keynote speakers. Plus it will be in a swanky location, of course.”