Morning Routine for Peak Performance

Setting Your Day up For Success My Clients often have challenges with setting up their day for peak performance and as we develop a morning routine that works for them, I am often asked, “what do you do each morning?”...

By Nick Powell 19/7/2017

HR & Procurement - Your Secret Weapon in Achieving Agility?

Good people are the most important part of any successful Agility Transformation and designing cross functional teams quickly to help deliver that Change is a close second. To build powerful and high performing teams in todays crowded marketplaces you must...

By Matt Bradley 14/7/2017

"Don’t complain, contribute" : Time for change in consulting and resourcing | Part 2

For part 1 click here.   Now for part 2.   As the infamous Simon Sinek once said, “don’t complain, contribute”. With the spirit of this quote in mind and my daily fuel, I decided to not get frustrated with the decisions...

By Pat Lynes 7/7/2017

Enough is Enough: Time for change in consulting and resourcing | Part 1

  I make no apologies for the dramatic title, it’s true. When it comes to mobilising knowledge workers for advisory, strategy, delivery and transformation capability, the current routes are frustrating the life out of the market and the individual decision maker....

By Pat Lynes 22/6/2017

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