Mind the Capability and Speed Gap

Unfortunately, just when enterprises need to up their game, CIO’s and organisations grapple with the capability and speed gaps that are widening daily. This is happening as organisations fail to recruit and retain the best people; fail to get agile...

By Pat Lynes 5/10/2017

Heeding Generational Differences

With change comes a sense of urgency, and this has even more force due to of one of the greatest social disruptors in generations – the arrival of Millennials. With Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers, millennials will soon make-up over...

By Pat Lynes 15/9/2017

How to make the CIO succeed as a digital leader

By blending traditional products with the digital world, businesses are facing an opportunity to take advantage of a range of new possibilities or the threat of being incinerated by competitors or new entrants that are better at exploiting the opportunities....

By Brian Svejsø 30/8/2017

From Gig Economy to an “Executive Gig Economy™”

In the past few years there has been a significant rise in the number of highly skilled strategic thought-leaders, knowledge workers and change agents entering the interim management and freelance consultancy world. This network of agile talent is accessible through...

By Pat Lynes 7/8/2017

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