7 CIO Predictions for 2018

  As a rollercoaster 2017 comes to a close, we asked some of the top CIO’s in the UK what 2018 has in store. Yes, the ‘B-word’ was predictably mentioned throughout, however a number of other themes emerged that they believe...

By CIO 2.0 Community 19/12/2017

Trend-Spotting – The rise of the “Executive Gig Economy”

The corporate ladder dream is dying and people are starting to vote with their feet. The trend for excellent people coming into their prime and wanting a different relationship with their work is on the rise.  I speak to at...

By Pat Lynes 11/12/2017

Mind the Capability and Speed Gap

Unfortunately, just when enterprises need to up their game, CIO’s and organisations grapple with the capability and speed gaps that are widening daily. This is happening as organisations fail to recruit and retain the best people; fail to get agile...

By Pat Lynes 5/10/2017

Heeding Generational Differences

With change comes a sense of urgency, and this has even more force due to of one of the greatest social disruptors in generations – the arrival of Millennials. With Baby Boomers retiring in record numbers, millennials will soon make-up over...

By Pat Lynes 15/9/2017

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