A World Beyond Transformation - Part 2

  In Part 1 , we discussed faux transformation and the problem with creating a transformation wrapper around everything. In Part 2, we talk about how to take your organisation on the journey to continuous improvement.   A culture of continuous improvement - nature...

By Jacqueline Shakespeare & Adrian Stalham 4/7/2018

Do you have what it takes to become an interim CIO?

    “I just didn’t want to do five days a week on the same client all the time." These were the words from Malcolm Lambell, permanent-turned-interim CIO, after making the leap to the gig economy - the digital age that is becoming...

By S&S 3/7/2018

A World Beyond Transformation | Part 1

    Transformation. Possibly the most overused word in business today. Everything seems to be about transforming, we insist on putting a transformation wrapper around so many things in business. Digital transformation. Operating model transformation. Strategy transformation.  CRM transformation (upgrade and roll...

By Jacqueline Shakespeare & Adrian Stalham 26/6/2018

Breaking Down Silos

    We’ve all experienced it in modern business life – a silo mentality between teams or departments.  This manifests itself when several departments or groups within an organisation do not want to share information, or work, with other individuals in the same...

By Adrian Stalham 23/5/2018

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