A global movement of top 5% change agents, who solve business problems and support each others journeys.
S&S will be the hub of opportunity for interim professionals by 2020.


Executive Gigs is a social network for interim professionals and executives who are interested in creating a gig portfolio of work for their future career.

  • Help spark a movement
  • Increase opportunities for interims
  • Educate clients on what can be achieved


Agility Gigs is a cross-functional community of professionals interested in applying Agile/Lean principles to Technology and Business programmes.

  • Focused knowledge-sharing platform
  • Discuss change, tech, mindfulness and other interesting topics in real-time.

CIO 2.0

CIO’s have never been under so much pressure to deliver, innovate and solve technical debt. This group discusses:

  • The future of work
  • The role of the CIO in the next decade
  • Raising their profile and preparing for the Executive Gig economy.


An executive networking community that includes around 100 members, offering both an online and offline experience. They are a collective mix of IT Strategy, Architecture and Innovation experts, as well as top-end CxOs across a range of industries.

The group is used as an advisory and discussion hub for formal and informal conversation topics.


A rich community of business transformation experts, change agents and programme directors discussing business change in a dynamic, challenging and supportive environment.

This is an independent community with no vendor pressure to support you on your journey.


The CxO Society is a peer platform for executives.

Facilitated by business change experts, this community offers a series of roundtables, that will focus on improving organisations and the executive journey.

CxO Society is a global leadership movement. It’s an online/offline experience with the offline space including a variety of meetups and co-created projects.


Our most recently launched community, The CxO Society Amstersdam will bring together experts from across the Netherlands, providing a platform to share ideas, knowledge and real world problems from the frontline of business. Get in touch to hear about our next event.